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Self Awareness in this day and age is absolutely essential. We found this very truth out through failure and hardship but mixed with tenacity and perseverance.

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Couldn’t help but post this sweeeeet vid of me and my Audi S7. Love that car!

So my investing career started in Las Vegas, Nevada. My wife and I decided it was our duty to use our skills and renovate homes and then sell them for a profit. Some of the things we had done in the past aligned with these activities so we felt as though we would make a great team. My background was in the electrical field and she had worked for a general contractor who did everything under the sun. The wife is actually way more versed in doing renovations than I am but I come with great electrical knowledge so I feel I am worth at least a little bit…LOL! Back home in Montana I attended and electrical apprenticeship program which I completed and graduated with flying colors..whatever that means. All I had ever done was remodel houses for the company I was working for so it seemed natural to want to do the same thing but for our own personal gain and not someone else’s. The entrepreneurial spirit has always been strong inside me. I had watched my Father and uncle build businesses back in the 80’s and make them work by putting in the HARD work. The only common denominator was just that, HARD frickin’ work! Another of my good close friends owns a carpet cleaning las vegas company here in Vegas and he to had one thing and one thing only to do and that was work hard and grind it out until it worked.

After many years of working jobs that I hated and feeling like I had let my dreams and passions go, I finally stood up, grew some balls and decided to go after what I knew I could obtain. My wife and I started to attend real estate investment meetings to try and learn how to make money flipping homes. We got some great take aways out of different meeting and seminars and we also wasted tons of money buying into instant millionaire courses. It was challenging cutting through all the hype and bullshit at first. We finally found our own groove and micro niche within the real estate market that we could work with little competition. The only draw back was making a profit was extremely hard and we had to cold call tons of homeowners who were losing their homes due to foreclosure. The process worked and we acquired properties but the hard part was getting the bank who carried the note to take a discount on the payoff. This one task proved to be next to impossible and eventually drove us out of the foreclosure market all together.